Hannah from The Corner Booth {Interview}

Hannah from The Corner Booth {Interview}


Hello!! Today I have an interview to share with Y’all! You should remember the guest post/update/review by Hannah not too long ago…if you have not yet read it, please do now. πŸ™‚ Link.



Now, let’s start this interview with Hannah!



Me- What was your inspiration for The Corner Booth?

Hannah- A lot of things when I think about it. I’ve wanted to start an Odyssey podcast since I started listening to the Official one. I’ve always loved podcasts like The Ceiling Fan and The Oddcast. I think when it came to finally getting it off the ground there was one big motivator: I had opinions and ideas that I felt were worth sharing.

Me- That is awesome!! I have yet to listen to your 1st one πŸ™ˆ but I am sure it’s great!! What is your goal for The Corner Booth?

Hannah- CJ, Emory, and I are people who love learning why art is good. So when it comes to talking about Odyssey, I think we really want to bring a different perspective to it and encourage people to take it more seriously. We hope people then have deeper discussions about the show and ultimately art as a whole. That’s sort of why it’s called the corner booth. It’s this “in the background” space for deeper conversation.

Me- Wonderful!! How do you know CJ and Emory?

Hannah- A few years ago my family began a home church and left the church we’d been at since I was born. Without a big church, I didn’t have a youth group. I had a few friends that went to the same church so I tagged along with them on their fall retreat one year. That’s when I met CJ (though I think I’d heard about him before then). At one point I guess we were just talking about what we wanted to do as a career and I mentioned I wanted to write for Adventures in Odyssey. It was one of those OHWAITAHYOUKNOWWHATTHATIS moments (you know what I’m talking about), a rather vivid memory. I started going to this youth group (and eventually the church) and I think Emory joined not long after. It didn’t take very long to realize we had a shared passion and thus ensued years of ranting, fangirling, and probably annoying other people at youth group.

Me- Haha! That is so awesome to have AIO loving friends πŸŽ‰ Do you, CJ and Emory have specific roles in the podcasts?

Hannah- So far, not really. Our show’s very conversation-oriented. I’m usually the one planning the topic for each episode, but if you listen to the podcast we don’t have assigned roles. However, that could change as we record more.

Me- Understood, I think that’s smart πŸ‘ How often will your podcasts be?

Hannah- Most shows would love to be consistent in their postings, and The Corner Booth is no exception. At this point, it’s hard to say. We will probably have two episodes posted by the time you are reading this. Hopefully two a month, but no promisesπŸ˜‚

Me- Haha, very nice!! How long is each podcast?

Hannah- The ones we have out right now are over an hour each, but they’ll probably get longer as we review multiple episodes at once.

Me- Wow! Awesome πŸŽ‰ Well, is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Hannah- Just that we’re very excited about this podcast, and hope you enjoy it! We also have little to no clue as to what we’re doing, so for the first few episodes we’re gonna need y’all’s patience until we find our footing.πŸ˜‚

Me- Haha sounds great πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‡ Thank you for allowing me to interview you!!

Hannah- Thank you! It’s been a pleasure!


If you have not checked out The Corner Booth yet, please do!








  1. I’ve listened to them both and they were really funny and good! I loved that OHWAITAHYOUKNOWWHATTHATIS moment. I think every fangirl can identify.

    Liked by 1 person

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