Judging AIO Character’s​ Fashion (Part 1)

Bonjour! It is I, Luke! Or Mr. Clever. I am changing my name from The Doctor to Mr. Clever. Small news. ANYWHO! I have always noticed that the characters wear the same thing on every cover unless its a special occasion. Like a cowboy outfit or if they are undersea. But I will be judging rating all AIO characters fashion!

Olivia Parker


Ugh………. I just can’t even. Let’s take a second to breathe it in. Let’s start at the top. Her hair is pretty good. Good color and it’s thick. She knows how to style. So she has a pass on her hair. Her outfit though? First off, she is wearing all of one color. That would be fine if it wasn’t bright pink? That’s bad enough. Then she is wearing a plaid skirt? Everything is kinda weird? I have no idea what the artist was thinking (I know who he is but I forgot his name.) She kinda revives it with the Converse but still.

I will give her a 2 OUT OF 10 STARS.

Connie Kendall


So we have three different Connie’s. Let’s call them Connie 1, 2, and 3. I will do Connie three today and maybe the others in the future.

First Connie 3’s hair. First, she has her hair in a low maintenance ponytail with the front out. Then I like her shirt. I am going through a long sleeve shirt phase so I am all for it. Plus the one stripe thing is in. So Connie 3 is doing good so far. Then we get down to her cargo jeans. I’m pretty good with them. But then she wears the same shade of shoes. Idk if they are boots or hightops. But just like Olivia, she makes the same mistake of wearing the same shade on top of each other. So she did good overall.

I will give her a 7 OUT OF 10 STARS.

John Avery Whittaker


Lastly, we have John Avery Whittaker. Like Connie, he has different outfits but this one is the most recent so we will go with this.

Let’s start again with his hair. His hair is classic Whittaker style. His hair has a nice white almost silver tint to it. Two locks of hair out of the front and part in the middle. Then the rest of his hair is shorter and combed back with texture. His hair almost has a curl to it. *Glares at Mr. Whittaker with envy* So his hair is nice. He also has silver glasses that match perfectly with his hair. Then he has a basic white collar short sleeve shirt. Finishing up he is wearing some tan dress pants and matches his belt with his shoes. And his shoes perfectly complement his jeans. Mr. Whittaker has a nice, respectful, basic outfit. Not too complex, but brilliant.

I give his outfit an 8.534 OUT OF 10 STARS.

Welp, that’s all I have for today! What did you think? Did you agree or disagree? Want any other characters fashion judged rated in the future? Make sure to let me know in the comments! Keep coming back to Welcome To Odyssey for more posts! *Jumps in a dumpster and rolls off.*

Picture Credit AIOWiki

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