Heyo tomatoes! I have some of the first AIO Album 67 news. I know we have had some hints that are super vague. But now I have more hints that will make you go CRAZY! But there are some people who would prefer to stay away from spoilers and keep the album a surprise. So out of respect, I will do so. If you would like to continue reading, simply do so by clicking the read more tag!

Okay! Now it’s time for the tea sis. I emailed Nathan Hoobler (Literally the best person) and he answered some of my questions! So below in Red are my questions, Blue are Nathan’s responses, and normal black is my comment/speculation. Get ready for the tea!


Q. What is the name of Album 67?

A. More Than Meets the Eye

I honestly have no idea. But I’m guessing this will have a lot to do with the Morrie Rydel saga.


Q. Any names of episodes in album 67?

A. “A Sacrificial Escape” is one of the titles.

This low key sounds like a Jason episode. I would say the Morrie Saga but I have another reason why i don’t think that. But I really hope Jason is back on the field and doin’ some stuff.


Q. What is the theme of Album 67?

A. One of the themes is that things aren’t always what they seem.

I don’t know if the rhyme was intentional but it brought me great joy. I think this theme has very much to do with “A Sacrificial Escape” and the MRS (HAHA, Morrie Rydell Saga).


Q.  Are we gonna meet any new characters or families in album 67?

A. We will see more of Wyatt’s family.

So if you are like me, (If so go get some therapy), you just were like “WHAA?!” Yes Wyatt is a character that most don’t remember. He was in the Sandwich Initiative. Wyatt Perkins was the one Eugene like character who kept dropping the frisbee. Minor spoiler.


Q. Any episodes withe 1 or more parts?

A. Yes, though we don’t want to reveal the title just yet.

MRS ya’ll. So MRS. That’s all I have to say.


Q. Will the Morrie Rydell saga continue in this album?

A. Yes.

Straight to the point.


Thats it ya’ll! Thanks a MILLION to Mr. Hoobler for answering these questions! The AIO community would be a lot more silent without him. What do you think of these hints? Any theories about the next album? Hope or expectations? I’d love to hear them! That’s all the news for now!

*Shoots at a window, breaks it, and flies off with Waddles.*



  1. That’s awesome! I might have to email Nathan to answer some of my questions. 😊 That’s awesome we’ll get to hear more about Wyatt. I think he’ll make a great edition to Odyssey. I actually have a couple of theories (I’m a crazy Odyssey fan, and think of these things. They might sound weird, but it could happen 😄):

    If Morrie is somehow connected to Mr. Skint and…I just forgot the other one. Haha! Maybe it’ll come back. Anyway, thanks for the update! 😃

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  2. Dude, I saw so worried when I saw your title XD XD And then you tagged it Jason and I was like, “THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE ANOTHER JAS/JILL SHIP OR I AM TAKING IT DOWN”
    And wow- THANK YOU.
    I’m in the swapping theories mood, but all I will say is if there isn’t a Jason centered episode in this album I shall eat my nonexistent hard hat.
    *chases you and hollers “give me back my Waddles”*

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  3. I’m not rly for Jasillian. They could be cute, but it’s seriously won’t last if it does happen.
    I do need another Jason adventure. The Long End left me unsatisfied.
    WADDLES IS MINE! *Runs to Grunkle Stan*


    • I would be thrilled if there would be another Jason episode! But not Jillian. Please not Jillian. I’m kind of beginning to think that they’ll bring in Monty to “replace” him. There’s always been a Whittaker in law enforcement somewhere and surely AIO will eventually quit making Jason eat his words over and over again. XD
      I would also love if they’d continue with the Buck saga. I just know that The Long End isn’t the end of it, despite the name. I don’t really think Morrie has anything to do with that situation though so we may have to wait till album 68 for that.
      *joins the chase for Waddles, disagreeing vehemently with your earlier statement*

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      • Yeah, Jason need to be back on the field! Minty would be an awesome addition to Odyssey. I don’t hate Jillian but she doesn’t have lucky character development.
        The Buck saga def needs to be continued. But Monty definitely isn’t connected.


  4. I feel the same way about Wyatt that I do about Jillian. But not as strongly.
    That’s really neat that you talk to Mr. Hoobler! How did you get his email?


  5. I’m just re-reading the comments and I’m dying.
    Also how can you even call Jasillian cute. Bleh. No thank you.
    I so bad want A Sacrificial escape to be Jason-connected, gah.
    Okay, I’m done. 😛

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