Why Love Is In The Air Is A Classic

(in the air)

I can’t read the title without dying at how painfully accurate it is. XD Anyway, happy Thursday, almost weekend, and another day into February! Where the mush never ends and the sap never runs out. Anyway.

For a small town, Odyssey’s sure had a lot of drama, especially in the romantic department. Pick any saga from any era, there’s bound to be one or two (or in a hilarious instance, 3) poor unfortunate couples and their problems and it’s funny. Don’t ask me about my sense of humor, my brother used to laugh at the AIO animated videos when someone got hurt.

But for THIS episode, we get to hear two couples and a Connie and a Jack and the awkward tension is so perfectly thick you could it with a knife and serve it for dessert. XD

(so basically, a live reaction)

(because I don’t listen to AIO enough already)

(definite spoilers)

(I warned you)


Eugene and his adorable geeky voice!

The screams. BWHAHAHA.

See the source image

I find it ridiculous that Jason banged his head right when Connie- nevermind.

I can see why some people say Jason and Connie can be a thing. I mean, not saying she had a crush, but she had a crush.

Does everyone drink lemonade here.. I mean iced tea exists..

Also, it’s only assumed from their talk, but I kinda really love how Eugene and Connie and Jason and Jack have this snarky camaraderie with each other- kinda makes me wanna relisten to the Blackgaard Saga. XD

“Shave it off? More like pluck it off…” “how droll.”

See the source image

And Katrina.

No wonder.

I’m not gonna say it’s sweet, but it’s sweet that Connie’s so excited for Eugene and Katrina. And then Jason’s trying to add his helpful advice and be all “now look at you, all grown up, it seems like yesterday..”. It’s ridiculous.

“If love is in the air, someone other than I is breathing it.” Eugene, my good man, you have no idea.


If Jason keeps banging his head, he’ll be knocked out.

See the source image

Do you ever find it interesting how Connie and Eugene are hissing, “It’s a woman,” and then Jason’s like, “a woman? to see me?” I’m guessing Jason never talked much about his pre-Odyssey life. Which makes sense because he was still an agent, but seriously it’s funny.

Again, TASHAA. “Overalls and a ratchet set.”

Connie’s hopelessly and wonderfully awkward. I’m dying right now. It’s even more ridiculous when you realize Jason and Tasha are also equally awkward.

“I don’t like her.” WOW CONNIE. WOW.

Exactly Eugene! “How can you know what she’s like when you just met her??”

“Are you being jealous?” Uh.. yeah, yeah, she is.

“For one thing, Jason’s my boss, and older than me..” Sorry people.  That ship’s dead. As dead as- Does that imply Connie was thinking about it? HM.

See the source image


Connie. XD XD

“She’s in a mood.” EUGENE STOP SPREADING LIES. More awkwardness. *dies*

“I think she’s here to snag him.” Connie, you have no idea how things are working out…

More awkwardness!! I’m so deeeaaaaaad.

“A feminine perspective might-” I won’t groan. I won’t groan. I WILL NOT- too late, I’m groaning. WHY.

Honestly, Connie really does sound like she has a crush- almost spelled that curse. They’re synonyms, am I right?


Eugene sounds like the exact opposite of being on pins and needles.

Since when was Connie the expert on hugs and kisses.





See the source image



I’m dying right now, I’m so dead.

“it makes perfect sense, you were hugging for a radio drama.” GOODNESS. GOODNESS.

JASON. Why do you keep coming in at the wrong timeeeee XD XD Also, why are you suddenly taking Tasha on a date, huh?

“She’s a-a friend of Eugene.” Yeaaah, I’d call that an understatement.

The awkwardness in here is ridiculously hilarious XD XD

Poor Eugene. He’s lost it.

I kinda feel sorry for Tasha right now. This is her “meet the family” thing.

“ReAALY?” Jason sounds genuinely interested. WOW.

“SHE HAS A CRUSH ON JASON.” The amazing beautiful high point.

WOWWWWWWW- I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead.

Connie’s sputtering. Poor girl. I’da whacked both guys with a baseball bat. WOW.

I love how everyone’s quick to dash outta there. XD And then Jack’s over here being, “I’m so confused.”

See the source image
Legit Jasha

“Well, she has been acting weird- nah, she doesn’t have a crush on me, that doesn’t make any sense.” Right and wrong….. it doesn’t make any sense, but she did have a crush on him. IT mAKeS NO SENSE. WEIRD.

Tasha, I don’t mean to horn in or anything, but, uh, you’re flirting with Jason on your first day, and, um, WHY

“we’ve talked about love, but where are we now?” WHERE DID THAT COME FROM- WHAT- IT’S BEEN ONE DAy

“Maybe it’s time to check out the real thing.” …. what.  why. why. That just sounds wrong. You’ve worked with Jason for a long time, how much more  of the “real thing” did you not see? Weird. Very weird.


See the source image


“Well, the only thing logical to me is.. marriage.” Andddd this is why you need Whit to make your plans Jason- how is THIS logical? Someone explain? WOW. WOW. WOW.

(Honestly I could go on and on about why Jason and Tasha could never work on, but that’s a post for another time. WHY. Bleah.)

Aaaand while I WISH I could do Part 2, we all know how late this is, so I shall end it here, except to mention how I love that-

Connie and Eugene fight, raise Cain, and make it all up in the same day. And then repeat. XD

Jack Allen is a living fountain of wisdom and I wish he was real.

Jason is a hopeless reckless awkward thinking guy, and he does before he thinks XD

Tasha is great, but seriously, that was weird.

I love how Eugene and Jason slumped and rose together in almost sync. 😛 And that they trusted each other enough to tell the other’s girlfriend what their guy was thinking.

Eugene, Connie, and Jason have more emotions than I do in a month of Mondays.

This post went nowhere. But I hope you liked it all the same! 😀

-The Ranter, Jo








23 thoughts on “Why Love Is In The Air Is A Classic

  1. Even though Odyssey time is different Jason is still at least 20 years older (or so) than Connie. I know it’s, “only love that matters, not age,” but yeah.

    Totally Jasonica!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hmmm… I’m assuming you haven’t listened to the “A Name Not A Number” duo as of yet? Because I’m getting the feel that this is your first time “meeting” Tasha Forbes… I won’t give spoilers in case this is true, but I will let you know that this is absolutely not Tasha and Jason’s “first day” of anything…
    Honestly “Jasha” is one of my favorite smaller AIO ships of all time, and ever since I first discovered Tasha existed I’ve been vainly hoping there would be SOME WAY she could return to the story. She’s an awesome character, the sort we don’t get enough of in AIO, and she and Jason have a fantastic dynamic that I was shipping from almost the very beginning. But of course, I’m a sucker for the “perfectly-matched-always-time-for-banter battle couple” ships anyway. 😉😄

    Anyway, I really enjoyed getting to read your thoughts and feelings as you listened to this episode!! Especially the GIFs. Excellent choices, they were. 😂
    Looking forward to reading more of your writing soon! 😊
    – Shay

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh lol, Shay, I’ve only listened to A Name, Not A Number, like…. what 10+ times? 😛 I’m very familiar with Tasha- and she’s one of my favorite characters- but that was way too fast. XD

      Glad you liked it! AND YESS, GIFS! xD Why, thank you. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This is probably the shortest comment I’ve seen from you in a while. XD (I love em all, btw!) And well, it does look that way. It’s never outright said that she has a crush (just like it’s never outright said Buck and Jules are a thing 😛 ) As much as I hate Jasillian, I don’t think I’m ready for Jasonnie either XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That episode is soo awkward, only slightly less so than the one Eugene busts in on Katrina’s parents’ wedding vow renewal. I died of secondhand embarrassment in that one.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I listened to the one were Eugene busts in on Katrina’s parents’ wedding vow renewal only once because of how embarrassing it is to listen to! XD I just cant take it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really liked this post. My reactions were practically the same. XD Soooo much awkward and soooooo much second-hand embarrassment. 😳 Plus, not really into the romantic kind of thing so that just makes it more so. XD But still an awesome episode! Honestly, though, I don’t really ship Jason with anyone. Or Connie, actually. I think they’re fine to stay single… But… That’s just my opinion. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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