Episode 9 – A Special Episode with a Special Person

hey friends! check out this podcast i was interviewed on!! 🙂

The Raspberry Ripple Podcast

Hello, lovely listeners!

Gosh, it’s been so long since we’ve released an episode! But, we’re back…sort of. 😀 Nonetheless, we’re so excited to finally release this special episode! We hope y’all enjoy it!

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The Winner of the Fan Art Contest!!

First off I want to thank all of you who sent in AIO fan art!! It was all so amazing! But, there is only one winner, and that is…


Hannah!!! She did an amazing job on Penny and Wooton! 


Everyone else did an amazing job! I will be sharing their art on Instagram later, and will add it to the Fanart page!

Be on the lookout for some sort of post from Hannah in the future! 😀




WtO Instagram & Upcoming Contest!

Hey friends!! Long-time no…see? 😛 Today I am letting you all know that WtO has an Instagram if you aren’t following already, head on over and do! I try to be a little more active on there, ish. 

In other news– we are hosting a fan art contest!! 

So please send us your AIO fan art!! Jo, Luke, and I will choose a winner and that person will get to write a guest post on WtO! Also, all entries will be added to our fanart page.

It officially starts today, the 5th, and goes till the 19th. Send your artwork to welcometoodyssey@gmail.com or send it to us on Instagram.



p.s. if you are reading this soon after it posts head over to our instagram- I will be doing a live stream with some more info

Prayers and support for writer Kathy Buchanan and family

AIO Audio News

From AIO Update:

Kathy Buchanan has been part of the Adventures in Odyssey team since 1999. Perhaps you know her best from the countless fan favorites she’s written over the years, such as Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips, Do or Diet, Sunday Morning Scramble, For Better or For Worse, and One More Name [or from my criticism of her recent work –Ed.]. This weekend we received some very sad news. On Friday, August 2nd, Kathy’s husband Sean died in a traffic accident. Sean leaves behind his wife – Kathy, and daughters: Jasyln – age 15, Maleah – age 12, Bella – age 10, and two adopted sons: Michal – age 8 and Divin – age 6. It’s at times like these that we need to come together to show our support. Recently a GoFundMe campaign was set up called the Sean Buchanan Memorial Fund to cover various costs to help…

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A Sacrificial Escape Spoiler Free Review (AKA GUESS WHO’S BACK)


Not that it matters, but I mean. coughs

Summer means AIO’s new album on the Club, and yikes on ice do I have a ton to catch up on. But it will happen. (Somehow.) To be honest, AIO kinda sorta lost its original luster for me after a couple episodes… but it came back. >:) Boy did it come back.

So without further ado.. DA EPISODE.

Also, I promise this is spoiler free, and for courtesy to spoiler-free fans, please don’t spoil in the comments! Go to da pageeee (on the website, on the menu, hard to miss, this is not self promo.)

Let’s just get to the nitty gritty of this review thingy.


AIO, forgive me for ever doubting you.

I’ll stick to the description for extra spoiler-proofness.

“Emily and Matthew are trapped inside an unfinished escape room in the basement of Whit’s End. A mysterious voice insists that the two of them must play a game called “Search for Your Life” to get out.”– AIOWIKI

Do ya ever wonder that maybe Whit needs, to, oh, I dunno, PROOF HIS BASEMENT? Like, for a small town ice cream shop, it gets more action than I’ve seen in theaters. Wow.

The story, as you know, has Matthew, Emily, Whit, and Suzu. Of course it has more, but spoilers (WHICH WE ARE AVOIDING.). And that cast… let’s just say I was not impressed to begin with. Matthew and Emily have gone through maaaaybe 12% of actual character growth since they were introduced, Suzu is the type of character that deserves more screentime but yet still hasn’t set in my mind as an AIO character, and Whit? Yeesh, Whit.. is Whit. They’re good for the stereotypical “day in the life” episode, but for something called A Sacrificial Escape?


Of course, I was proven wrong, as each character had a surprisingly deep moment and were written well, in as much as 25 minutes can hold. (Tangent, but I read on the Wiki that it was recorded in real time. Which I think is neat and makes it special.) Emily and Matthew, at the end, didn’t really show like that much change, but it was a step. Tiny, but a step. It was refreshing. Although there was this moment that felt really Avengers: Endgamey. (yikes is that a spoiler Lee and Luke if you’re reading this don’t kill me)

How do they get stuck in the escape room? Why is there an escape room? More importantly, why does there need to be a sacrifice? All of the answers to these questions were not the ones I- or anyone else, really- was expecting. I could be wrong. People could’ve seen this coming from miles away. That’s the joys of mysteries– think “The Case Of The Secret Room”, sorta. Almost. No lives were necessarily at stake, but there was a creepy factor to it that was much like an escape room.

I rather enjoyed that bit. AIO taking risks is something I miss. Ahem.

The mysterious voice. Okay I was iMpReSsEd. I was very, very impressed. Good job AIO. I didn’t expect a distorted voice to carry emotions and pull off this demanding “shall we play a game” tone, yet leave just enough clues to make us wonder. (Who am I kidding though, I think we all have a fairly good guess of who this might be, even without listening to the episode, but if anything, we have enough info to make us doubt ourselves.)

In the end, there is no moral issue. IT IS WRONG TO LOCK PEOPLE UP AND INSIST THEY TRY TO MAKE A PLAN TO GET OUT IF THEY DON’T WANT TO. LIKE. WHY. MEANIE. But there were certain parts that make you stop and think, “Could I have done what they did?”

Could you? Could I? I dunno.

But all of that adds to the, again, refreshing entertainment A Sacrificial Escape offered, and I cannot wait to see what else AIO has up their sleeve.

Besides actually checking Whit’s basement, yeesh.


From the Perilous Pen: 


It’s #JusticeForSasha in the latest book of the Blackgaard Chronicles! In the audio episode versions of The Battle, Sasha was used in a couple of scenes to add a sinister effect. Those are still there, but Sasha has also taken over most of Blackgaard’s scenes in this book, adding welcome continuity and recognition that the poor cat deserves.

And speaking of deserving things, Blackgaard has finally gotten the backstory-info-dump that he deserves, which includes interesting surprises such as his nationality, original last name, family information, and the amusing fact that he calls Edwin “Eddie.”

Dr. Blackgaard’s point-of-view chapter isn’t your style? Then take a gander at Lucy Cunningham-Shultz, who gets a couple of point-of-view chapters and expanded escapades (she did get the password to Applesauce!) in her quest to please Richard Maxwell. Oh, and they were hiding in the photo booth at Blackgaard’s Castle while Whit and Eugene were there. Awkward.

Back to Richard Maxwell, though, his point-of-view chapters take up a large chunk of this book, so fans of the renaissance man can rejoice! Every single scene between him and Blackgaard is just as tense as the original episode it was pulled from, with additional dialogue for some and descriptors for others. Very enjoyable.

Here’s something else enjoyable: Whit and Eugene’s sleuthing on the Imagination Station gets a few extra scenes, which also probe into the relationship between Eugene and Whit a little bit more. It also serves to show that Whit and Eugene start unraveling the whole puzzle pretty early on. But the real clincher won’t come until the preview of Book 5: we see Whit inside a burned-out Blackgaard’s castle, realizing that the map Dr. Blackgaard owns came from- well, I won’t tell you. Gotta read the book!

That’s not the only plot twist, though. I won’t spoil it for you, but the end of the book has a plot twist and a surprise appearance from a couple of characters that’ll make you run around your house screaming that this can’t be happening!. Then you won’t be able to wait for Book 5, I guarantee it. It’s a terribly suspenseful couple of cliffhangers that Phil presents in this book, an impressive feat since we already know what happens.

All-in-all, Rook’s Ruse is the most solid and most enjoyable entry in the Blackgaard Chronicles book series thus far. We don’t find out a few things that are starting to be aggravatingly mysterious, such as who “Professor M.” is, or who Blackgaard was talking to on the phone when he was trying to sell Applesauce. But that’s a moot point. Book 4 is a treasure trove for fans of the saga, and best of all doesn’t contain our friend Phillip Glossman. Two-thumbs up.

You can pre-order Rook’s Ruse from Amazon. The book releases October 8th.


Gracie’s Initial Reaction to All for the Guest

Hey y’all! Welcome to another initial reaction post. If you have not yet listened to All for the Guest, this month’s club episode, I would not read this post. 😉

snazzy intro music

Wooton got a motorcycle? 🏍️

Oooh Bradford!

Haha, Penny buried her phone before, wow.

Oh uh Bradford and Penny’s parents coming the same day…

“My lady.” 😛Wooton

“Hang some hubcaps.” -Penny

Aww they such cuties ❤

Yayy Penny’s parents!!

Microwavable meat pies…interesting.

“Its pie, its meat, its ready in 45 seconds” 🤔 –Frank Wise

Uh oh a vegetarian…

Is the butler at the bowling alley Bob Smithouser?!

Ouch getting your finger stuck in the bowling ball. 🎳

“Why on the earth would you pay for water?!” -Frank Wise

Yikes…d r a m a

“Your mother is stuck in that blasted murphy bed!” -Frank Wise

“Her leg is stuck, but her mouth still works fine.” -Frank Wise “Frankkk.” -Eleanor Wise

Everyone is in the pantry. 😀

Aww, Bradford left, sadness.

*worries that they might be locked in the pantry*

Me was right. 😬

Yayy freedom!

Yay they found Bradford!!

Aw Mr. Wise got laid off last week. 😦

Mr. Wise has just wanted to be useful.

Take two on a great weekend. 🎬

Yayy everyone is happy now!

Did you listen to this episode yet? Thoughts? 😀