NEWS- ALBUM 66?!?!?

Hey, everyone!!!! Hope here, and I'm going CRAZY because GUESS WHAT WAS JUST REVEALED ON THE WIKI?!? THE TITLE TO ALBUM 66!!!!!!! Drumroll PLEAAASE!!! Album 66 is going to be titled "Trial By Fire"!There is also a cover description, but I won't spoil it for you! Just click HERE and check it out for yourself!... Continue Reading →


30th Birthday Live Show

Hey! Today I am gonna talk about the 30th Birthday Live Show!... Last Friday I was hanging out with one of my friends, and we watched the AIO 30th Birthday Live show on the AIOClub!! It was awesome. I loved watching it with her, and not alone in my bedroom. 😛 If you have the... Continue Reading →

Writing Contest- Reminder

Hey! Just sending out a friendly reminder for our  AIO Fanfic Writing Contest... So..I think we have only had 2-3 AIO fans send us their fanfic for this contest, so if you are a writer (who lives in the US) and love AIO please submit a story! You have until next Saturday- June 30th!! 🙂 ... Continue Reading →

June 6, 2018 {AIO Podcast}

Hey! I decided to talk about this podcast too!! If you missed my last one, check it out here! News about: album 65! - Some of it was already on AIOWiki and some we got from Luke- Listen on the Club: July 12 – August 16 Download in September. Get it on CD in October. Listen on the radio:... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Tuesday- Tasha Forbes

Hey, everyone!! I hope y'all are having a great Tuesday! Today we'll be discussing an intriguing, yet often overlooked character, Tasha Forbes. Tasha was originally brought in as a love interest for Jason. I usually dislike characters that are brought it for the sole purpose of another character's love life, but Tasha is an exception.... Continue Reading →

Survey time!

  Hey! It is time for Welcome to Odyssey! to have a survey! Hope and I would love to hear from our followers, and help make improvements to our blog!! 😀 But we need you, so if you'd like, we'd love for you to take this survey⇓!   Take the survey here!   Thank you... Continue Reading →

May 23, 2018 {AIO Podcast}

I recently listened to the AIO podcast from May 23, and I thought I would share some stuff that I took away from it!   The thing that excited me the most was that the KYDS radio recording thing at Focus on the Family, is getting a new script! They had the same script that... Continue Reading →

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