Let’s Talk Tuesday: Everything Good About The Bad Guys

everything good about the bad guysHi Odyssey fans! Welcome to Welcome to Odyssey, where we talk about everything and anything AIO. Today on the Let’s Talk Tuesday posty is a topic I’m rather fond of: AIO bad guys.

*cue song from A Thankstaking Story*

Oh we are the bad guys, nasty as can be.

People stand in awe of our despicability.

It almost goes without saying that where are good guys, there are bad guys. Adventures In Odyssey, in my opinion, has written in some well done and really bad bad guys, and as such, they deserve a post, wouldn’t you agree?

I mean there’s the possibility that you don’t agree, so sorry in advance. XD Let’s start with the first big bad: Dr. Regis Blackgaard.

Regis Blackgaard.pngRegis Blackgaard: You silly little coward!
Richard Maxwell: What?
Regis Blackgaard: You dare even think about disobeying my orders! Just remember, my fine young man, that I hold your future. We both know that you’re guilty of far worse acts than changing the grades of a few eggheads at the college! Perhaps you’d like me to pick up the phone and tell the authorities about them?
Richard Maxwell: No, no, no—please!
Regis Blackgaard: That’s better. You’re a smart fellow, Richard. I’m going to need people like you when I take over this town.

#78: “The Nemesis, Part 2

Blackgaard. He’s a fundamental part of Adventures In Odyssey, and his deeds will never be forgotten. His control for power and for money and- well, to.. dare I say it? rule the world? cost him: 1. one Richard Maxwell’s soul, 2. A ton of trouble for the town of Odyssey, 3. A toe to toe battle, if you could call it that, with Jack, Whit and Jason, at different points in time, 4. Tom Riley’s barn and utter hatred of Maxwell, and 5. the forever chill in the air when anyone mentions the name Dr. Regis Blackgaard.

Part of what makes him scary is that he had no problem with paying any of the costs to make his plans work. Even if it meant lives. What are lives to this guy, anyway? Ultimate bad guy, well written villain. Cause AIO added depth. Not enough to make us understand, of course, but just enough to make us wonder. Remember what he told Jack in the tunnel?

Jack Allen: I’m not here to save the world, Doctor. I’m not here to save Odyssey or even Whit’s End. I’m here for you—for your soul. That’s the only thing that matters right now—not money or power or computer programs or viruses or world terrorism… it all comes down to your soul. Why don’t you put down the detonator and give yourself up so you’ll have time to redeem your soul?
Regis Blackgaard: The flaw in your proposal is that you assume my soul is redeemable. It isn’t. I auctioned it off years ago.
Jack Allen: Then you sold yourself cheap. Your soul is worth the life of Jesus Christ. To give it to anyone else is an incredible waste.

#334: “The Final Conflict”

Yup. Shivers.

Like all villains of this nature, Blackgaard didn’t do all the dirty work himself. he went and got someone even nastier to do it for him. Philip Glossman.

Glossman.pngPhilip Glossman: In this case, I guess you could call me the Governor’s all-around… troubleshooter.
Connie Kendall: Troublemaker, you mean.
Jack Allen: Connie. Have you offered either of these gentlemen anything to drink?
Connie Kendall: No.
Eugene Meltsner: I could come up with something in my chemistry set—for Mr. Glossman, I mean.
Jack Allen: Now children, let’s be on our best behavior.

#327: “Moving Targets”

Can we all agree that Phillip Glossman is the worst, rottenest person, let alone villain to ever exist on AIO?

Look at him- he gave Tom Riley the hardest time ever running for mayor, he used his questionable power from the government for evil schemes, he opposed Jenny Whittaker in court (and if he didn’t Jenny might’ve not had that happen to her because of stress- which brings a whole crazy new idea to mind, what if Jenny didn’t die? ‘Nother post, however), he willingly helped Blackgaard exploit and use Odyssey and he is, in the words of the AIO Wiki, “everyone’s favorite weasel.”

Be-yuck. A good example of a horrible, evil, plain disgusting villain. Next up we have a horrible, don’tthinkevilistherightwordbutsomethingalongthoselines, plain annoying villain, bad old Rodney Rathbone.


Rodney Rathbone: Outta my way losers, I’m a busy man! I’ve got places to be, people to beat up and problems to cause!

#443: “Changing Rodney”

Having had a real life Rodney in my life for as far back as I can remember, I just wanna thank AIO for writing such a realistic, hilarious, annoying bully and for keeping him on so long. And no, I’m not being sarcastic- I can’t imagine a classic kid episode without Rodney wreaking havoc somehow.

Let’s face it, Rodney is a dumb bean. And he says things he doesn’t get. And he’s mean. But he’s kinda dumb mean, and when his tricks backfire, we laugh, and when he gets in trouble, we cheer. We just love to see this guy go down! Who doesn’t? But when he shows some signs of humanness, we take attention. Cause, ya know, that’s not Rodney. XD


Alright, this is getting long, but we haven’t even gotten started on Novacom! Well, I’m up for a part 2 tomorrow- with hopefully more villains to talk about then. >:) in the meantime, who’s your favorite AIO villain? (Don’t say Buck or I will take you apart. He’s not a villain.)

-The Ranter, Jo 🙂

(Now that I re-read this, it’s kinda short)

(But it’s 11:54 pm, so next post it must be)

(Ah well.)




It’s 2019…now what?

Howdy yo hey!

We are now 21 days into 2019…and I would love to hear from Yall about what you want to see on WtO within the next 11 months and 14 days. Let me know in the comments what you want Jo, Luke, and I to blog about this year. 🙂 

After you do that…I would love to collab with you AIO fans, and have more guest posts and such!! If that interests you…then fill out the form below, and I will get back with you asap. 

WODFAMCHOCPOD- Podcast Interview

wodfamchocpod- podcast interview

Howdy there! Recently I had the chance to interview the podcasters from the WODFAMCHOCPOD. Check their podcast on many podcast platforms, and on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCSOD. 🙂



To start off this podcast, Dylan and Andrew could you both tell my readers and I some facts about you?

Andrew-Hi Gracie, I’m Andrew Acebo I am 18 years old and live in a small town called Lititz, Pennsylvania. I’ve been listening to Odyssey for as long as I can remember and I started recording podcasts in various forms about 3 years ago. I have been homeschooled since 9th grade was cyber schooled from 6-8th grade. Some of my hobbies include playing sports (soccer and basketball), powerlifting, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.

That is awesome, Andrew! What character do you most relate to in AIO?

Andrew- I would say I relate most to Bernard or Wooton, in the sense that I am fairly self-assured in who I am, however, I am not necessarily normal in many respects. I don’t write comic books or wash windows, but I am a laid back guy and I do love working with kids,

I love Bernard and Wooton! What is your favorite Bernard episode and Wooton episode?

Andrew– For Bernard, I would say the ice fishing episode and for Wooton, I would say Basset hounds.

Good ones! Now, let’s talk about the podcast…what is your role in it?

Andrew– am Dylan’s co-host … We each listen to the episode and take notes. We both have a long history with the show through our families and so we both enjoy revisiting the series as a whole quite a bit. I would say I’m the more outspoken and potentially charismatic of the two but his quick Whit (pun intended) and analytical mind compliments my personality really well I think.

Very nice!! What is your favorite part about podcasting about AIO/ Novacom?

Andrew– would say my favorite part is getting to discuss something I have a lot of nostalgia for with someone who enjoys it as much as I do. It’s been years since I’ve heard some of the episodes in Novacom and it reminds me how much I love AIO and how genuinely good of a show it is.

ahh yes, good ol’ times. Anything you would like to say to my readers before we finish up this interview?

Andrew– Go listen to the podcast! I am genuinely proud of the product we put out and it’s a lot of fun to make. If you have any feedback contact us at wodfamchocpod@gmail.com and when you do be sure to ask how you can get a copy of today’s episode 😂

Awesome! 😀 Thanks for joining me, Andrew!


To start off this podcast, Dylan and Andrew could you both tell my readers and I some facts about you?

Dylan– As my day job, I work in an IT department fixing computers. Much of my free time is spent consuming pop culture. And of course since September a chunk of my time each week has been spent recording and editing the podcast.

Very cool, Dylan! What character do you most relate to in AIO?

Dylan– Well, obviously my perspective is somewhat skewed because we’re currently covering Novacom, but I definitely want to be Mitch, who’s just a nice guy trying his best to navigate some pretty complex things. When I was younger, I really related to Trent. He’s smart but not a genius, funny but not hilarious, shy but not withdrawn. It’s that balance makes him so relatable. He’s figuring things out and just feels like an actual person and not a caricature. Maybe I do still relate to him. Sometimes I wish we could see all the Odyssey kids grow up. I want to know how they continue to grow and develop.

Nice! Mitch and Trent are pretty cool charters. What is your favorite Mitch episode and Trent episode?

Dylan– On the Trent side of things I’d probably go with Mum’s the Word. I realize it’s not a great episode, but I have a lot of strong nostalgia for it. The romance and sitcom nature of it are just good fun. On the Mitch end of things, this is a bit of a cheat because it’s a three-parter, but Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? is excellent. Such a good mix of mystery and action on top of really important developments in his relationship with Connie. It’s a great listen!

Very nice!! Now, let’s talk about the podcast…how did you get the inspiration for WODFAMCHOCPOD?

Dylan– It was really a lot of things coming together. I’ve had a bunch of different podcast ideas over the years, but never actually took the leap and started one. I had been listening to Andrew’s podcast, aptly named The Andrew Acebo Podcast, and decided to see if he’d have me on. He did, so that was my first podcast appearance, and I kind of “got the bug,” but I still didn’t know what I wanted my show to be about. Then one day, Good Christian Fun, a podcast that dives into all sorts of Christian pop culture, did an episode on Adventures in Odyssey. It brought back all these memories of listening to the show and all the great characters, so I texted Andrew and asked about his thoughts on doing an episode by episode breakdown of the show. Naturally, he loved the idea, having grown up on AiO as well. So now I had this idea, but I didn’t know what to call it. I spent a bunch of time brainstorming and finally thought up WODFAMCHOCPOD. I immediately texted Andrew, and he loved it so much that we decided we had to do it. And so we have been.

That is awesome!! WODFAMCHOCPOD is an awesome name! 😀 Speaking of wodfamchocsod…have you ever had one?!

Dylan– I have not, but I’ve definitely been thinking about it more over the last few months, and eventually, I’m going to need to have one.

Yes, you do. 😛 Now, what is your favorite part about podcasting about AIO/Novacom?

Dylan- I really like reexamining Odyssey because it was so important to me as a kid, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see how well it holds up. Novacom, in particular, was such a huge pop culture touchstone, and it really benefits from being the long, multi-year saga. It’s been very cool to revisit the story and get wrapped up in the mystery of it all. I think it’s also been good listening again with a more critical ear. I’ve definitely found a couple things uncomfortable with 2019 lens, but more often then not, I’ve been impressed with how good it still is.

Very nice!! It has been interesting to hear your thoughts on it. Anything you would like to say to my readers before we finish up this interview?

Dylan- Just listen to the show. 🙂 We release a new episode every Tuesday, and they’re around 45 minutes in length. You can find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and basically where ever podcasts are found. And we love if people reach out! The email is WODFAMCHOCPOD@gmail.com, and we’re on Twitter and Instagram @WODFAMCHOCPOD.

Awesomeness!! 😀


Have you listened to the WODFAMCHOCSOD podcast? What did you think of this interview?


Let’s Talk Thursday- The Q&A Podcast is out so I’m gonna be talking about it


I was going to talk about the unappreciated characters of Adventures In Odyssey, but the Q&A podcast came up so that was chucked out of the window. XD Happy Thursday you guys! And Clubbers. It’s the Long End, Part 3 today. GO AND LISTEN OR ELSE.

Unlike other initial reactions, you can go and listen for yourself at Whit’s End. Search the podcasts. You’ll find it!


My reactions to the podcast and there’s actually some interesting stuff if you haven’t heard it before..

There’s new families coming out. Finally. I’m really glad they mention this, because I’m kinda tired of the Parkers and new families are cool.

I spot a question Lee would ask. Ha.

*raises hand* Album 67: Take Jillian Away- please! Album 67 seems to be a really rough draft of a WIP- I wonder what this will have. Worst thing about announcing albums in production: we die of suspense.

*claps* YES!!! Someone asked about Jason. Nice.

Dude. What relationship. WHAT RELATIONSHIP? WHAT WHERE WHY- they did mention this in another podcast, but the real question is a relationship with who? *suspicious look*

If Jason’s on another case, I will die laughing.

They talked about Juliver, you guys. It’s getting real. A real worry. But then again, they did it last q&a podcast so we’ll assume nothing’s happening…. yet. Because really, “go take Jules out” doesn’t mean a date. Gotcha.

*claps* YES!!!  YES YES YES! Finally, if a search and rescue person has to ask why Mitch and Connie can’t get married, then there must be more Mitchie shippers then I thought. XD this made my day y’all. I’m so happy. 😛

“Our next question is from someone who couldn’t get his call to us, and uh, his name is Jo from Canada…”

I’m dying you guys. I’m dying.

Okay, lemme explain.

So a while back I tried to call in for the questions, but see, I’m from Canada. Heh. Whaddya know. So I emailed my questions instead… and…

Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2018
To: questions@whitsend.org
Cc: email@email.fotf.com
Subject: Questions For The Upcoming Podcast


Hi there! Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you’ve had a great day!

I tried to call you for the upcoming Q&A podcast, but since I’m in Canada, I can’t call. 😦 So can I just email you my questions? If I can, I only have two. One: When is Morrie coming back, and can you tell us where his parents are? and Two: Why did you decide to bring in Jillian Marshall? That’s all! Thanks and God bless you!-Jo


They answered me, you guys. They actually answered me.

Morrie’s supposed to be in Album 67. Aright, aright.

“First of all, I just wanna say, Jo, say hi to everyone in Canada.” Ehhh, kay? I’m dead- I am so dead.

“Where in Canada are you from, Jo?” Ontario, Mr. Phil Lollar. Wow. Wow. Wow. wOw. XD

I’m dying at the fact they think I’m a guy.

Also, you guys, I asked about two of the most important issues the fandom is longing to ask: Morrie and Jillian. You’re welcome.

But no, they did not answer on Jillian.

“He’s so smart that we have to be smarter than him.” XD I get that, I really get that.

“The way it plays out is that Morrie’s dad is an ambassador for the United States..” One new fact about Mr. Rydell!

Also, Hannah and Lee and whoever has theories on Morrie, Richard Maxwell isn’t Morrie’s dad. So sorry.

Anyway, they didn’t answer the Jillian question, so we’re left to speculate. Rats.

They mentioned Tom! *sobs* okay, I didn’t need a heart, we’re good to go.


Make of this what you will, I’m still kinda pumped I actually got my question in. XD Last time, mine never made the cut, so. 😀 Hit the comment page so we can get started on what on earth is gonna happen.

-The Ranter, Jo, who is currently cackling because Canada is huge


Update: Buck and Jules are NOT Dating Yet

Heyo! It’s Mr. Clever here to burst all y’all’s bubble! So rumors have been going around after the AIO episode The Long End Part 2 came out. A few lines made it appear as though they were officially dating.

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Buckles (Or Bules or whatever you call it). I’m not a big fan of teen dating either. Late teens like 18 or 19 is understandable since they are becoming of age of being an adult. But early teen dating is literally the most annoying thing ever. I have a lot of things that annoy me. A lot not pertaining to AIO. Ugh, I need to see a therapist.

So instead of arguing to people online and speculating on lines, I went to the top dawg. Yep, my unofficial-favorite-writer, Nathan Hoobler. After asking about Buck and Jules relationship status, here is how he responded:

Dear Luke,

I would say that any rumors or confusion would be largely intentional since even Buck and Jules aren’t sure how they feel about each other. But you can be sure we’ll hear more about that in the days ahead. 

So it is clear that they aren’t officially dating. It can be assumed that possibly they like each other. But I don’t believe we can say they are officially dating.

Shout out to Lee though. He had a good post. Backed up his claims with evidence. But my evidence is from the macho man. Welp, have a good Wednesday Thursday! AIO episode coming out today! BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*Hops in a dumpster and roles away.*

Let’s Talk Tuesday- How To Not Be A Lunatic Fanatic


how to not be a lunatic fanaticYou guys, I am so. so. Tired. try staring at a screen for hours working on a project, sooner or later, you go kooky.

But now that my project is done, I’m more than excited to talk about this next topic! How to NOT be a lunatic fanatic of Adventures In Odyssey! 😀

On a completely unrelated note, sarcasm is my family’s favorite game. It’s up there with Scrabble.


So, you really desperately do not want to be a fan of Adventures In Odyssey. You’ve scoured the web looking everywhere, frantic for a way to completely make yourself immune from adventure and imagination and excitement and make sure your boring, everyday, normal life is not tainted with the 2006 AIO theme. Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place! Full service for fools like youse, we shall give you the most important tips to not becoming a fan.

 The first step to not being a fanatic of Adventures In Odyssey is to NEVER discuss Adventures In Odyssey. Ever.

Credit: DaSaneOne | Adventures in Odyssey meme | Whit's End Soda Shop

I mean, what on earth would people think if they found out you enjoyed quality stories and wholesome characters and darn right funny quotes? Or even worse, that you used said quotes? Can’t have that at all- they might think you’re crazy!

Example: The unfortunate case of one certain Jo, who when asked about her favorite AIO character, was recorded to talk about then entire Novacom saga for an hour and a half. Friends, steer clear of this unnatural, energetic, passionate behavior.

Do not get excited when your youth pastor asks if you know “My Ode To Macaroni” and can sing it. Do not reply when someone mentions how cool they think Tasha is. Instead, be as dead and as cool as you can and say, “lol, same.”

It works every time.

Do not listen to the best AIO episodes ever made.

Do not connect with the characters on a very personal level. At all. Never.
If only Mr. Whittaker was real. 😩 #AdventuresinOdyssey #AIOmemes
The problem with these characters is that you listen to them for so long they start to feel real to you, and their morals are wired into your brain. Dreadful, I tell you- not good at all! The fastest way to win yourself away from this fandom is to never connect with the characters. Don’t care about Jules. Don’t care about Buck finding his heritage. Don’t care about the power couple that is Eugene and Katrina. Do not care.

Bringing up the example of Jo, who did not care to follow this good advice, found herself in the predicament of calling one of her friends Jason instead of his rightful name. When confronted about the slipup, this madperson hastily said she had a friend named Jason who reminded her of her real life friend in his daring and slightly crazy ways. The poor unfortunate now is being questioned about how on earth she met a guy who’s had his laptop exploded because he forgot his password. A travesty indeed. To avoid this fatal result..
Do not enthusiastically ship people, whether they are canon or not. 
Wooton and Penny? Eugene and Katrina? Buck and Jules? Jay and Zoe? You are not to care about any of these people, alone or together! It’s a trap, to lure you into forever being stuck in a world of good things. Don’t fall for it!
Do not write or read fanfiction of Adventures In Odyssey.
As we know, despite all the fanfiction that is truly bad by any standards, there are real gold pieces of work around- some even in this very blog! Don’t read any of it if you truly wish to never be a fan of Odyssey- for if the world a fan conjures through pen is interesting enough- how much more the real thing! Therefore never ever read any AIO fanfic, no matter how good the story, to avoid the possibility of being attached to Odyssey!
Some good AIO fanfiction to not read can be found at Odysseynerds and in this blog. Let them be a reminder of the fandom you are trying to not be a part of.
Do not look up fanart. 
Kelly Washington, then and now, as envisioned by TrentDeWitty on tumblr! #AIOFanArt #AdventuresinOdyssey
A little Christmas #AIOFanArt by Sam Messerly! 😊 Name the episode this scene is from! #AdventuresinOdyssey
Fanart is either always about the characters of Adventures In Odyssey, which as previously discussed, you want to avoid being attached. So. Don’t. Ever.
Do not pin up Adventures In Odyssey memes. 
It's a bit late, but here are the most popular posts of 2016!! 😁 Thank you for all the submissions, fan art, comments and love, fellow Odyssians! 😊 #AdventuresinOdyssey
Credit: Austin Peachey 
#AdventuresinOdyssey #AIOmemes
See, these memes are tricky. In order to understand them, you must first know what they are referencing, and it’s all for naught. You’re hooked on getting the inside joke. All the steps you’ve so carefully followed in this post are undone.
And the very last one….
To not be a lunatic fanatic of Adventures in Odyssey…
This is extremely important! You know why?
When you hear an AIO podcast, or read an AIO fanblog, you’re not only reading about Adventures In Odyssey. You’re reading about why people love it, and how much they’re dedicated to analyzing it critically and in essence, you are inviting people to tell you why they listen to AIO.
And you’ll want to listen to it.
Not good. Not good at all.
Some blogs and podcasts not to listen or read are The AIO WIKI podcast, The AIO Oddcast, The Corner Booth, (these podcasters are simply good at what they do) Odysseynerds, AIO Thoughts, and Welcome To Odyssey.
OHH don’t even check out Welcome To Odyssey? Have you seen the comments on there? Those crazy fanpeople talk about EVERYTHING in the AIO world! Stay faaaaar away non-fans!
Of course, don’t take my word for it.
Thus concludes today’s post. Enjoy your day without AIO on the brain 31899% of the time!

-The Ranter, Jo

The Long End (Part 2 of 3)-Initial Reaction

copy of the long end (part 2 of 3)-initial reaction

ooh ooh, a hand-knitted baby blanket in the hope chest!! 💕

BB again!!



awwwe Buck he is acting like a cute little kid

Buck Jedadiah (SKINT?!?) Oliver

Dolly Tender Oliver is his mom?!

not Staca Bartley?!? 🧐

Norvas Ordo

11:21 AM on a Friday, March 24th

things don’t line up…

Jason is acting suspiciously

Eugene just drove by…and is heading to the police station

nothing online about either of Bucks parents 🤔

…or is it Cash Oliver?

Buck’s dad made up a lot of last names, one being Bartley

Buck’s dad dies in a car accident about 15 years ago…so probably not too soon after Buck was born 😔

Skint recognizes Jason

Skint gives up for the night because he saw Jason

yikes, Buck is walking home in the dark 😱




“Get in” -Skint




“The Long End” con

Mr. Skint is threatening


Buck is going to meet Mr. Skint at the park tomorrow night to meet 😥

nooo BUCK don’t tell him about your birth certificate!!

Me Skint loved Dolly Tender


Mr Skint didn’t hurt Buck…but Buck did tell him too much 😬

Penny calls about the painting

(ahhh, I have to go to violin lessons, so I can not finish the last 3 mins!! )

(yay! I am back and can listen to the last 3 mins before I help with dinner!! )

Penny had to erase the whole painting to reveal…

a legal document…

…Bucks will!! 🎊

WAIT NO NOT AGAIN!! and next Thursday I will be on pain meds ( aw like Buck…🙃) for getting my wisdom teeth out…so oh joy 🙄

What did you think? Any thoughts?! 😀

Jo’s Reaction To The Long End, Part 2 (Don’t worry, I don’t scream my head off for 20 minutes. That’s for special occasions.)

(don't worry, i don't scream my head off for 20 minutes. that's for special occasions.)

I’m so sorry XD I know Gracie usually does these, but this is different and I just had to. So. I’ll just toss in my initial reaction to the pile of initial reactions you Clubbers must be having. Also- so sorry nonclubbers. You’ve made it this far! *thumbs up*

As you know, The Long End is the conclusion (?) of the Buck’s family saga, and it’s something we’ve all been waiting to hear in ages. So far, it’s shocked, everyone. Okay, not everyone. I think there’s a rare breed of AIO fans that aren’t startled by anything and thus when other fans scream in surprise, they’re like, “hm.” To you guys, Y’all are special. I wish I had your temperament. But alas, I do not. Let’s get on with it.


*theme music plays*

Awww the family in this. I love the family in this.

Wait are they a thing? Are they a thing? are they a thing??? Goodness, I don’t know what to think…

Ha. My thoughts exactly. XD What’s with these names.

Awwww, the kid’s so excited- I’m happy for him!


Hmmm, that makes so much sense.

“You haven’t had a normal life.” Ouch. But true.

This is getting creepily like the movies and I won’t specify which one. Let me think about this.

*cackles evilly* My headcanon came true people. Yes!

Guys- keep your mouth shut do you know who’s LISTENING!?!

Man. Wow. The mystery.

“Rust never sleeps.” Um. ‘Kay, we’ll go with that.

Everyone knows everyone in this tiny town. smh

Wait….what?? you don’t know the guy?

shut. up. Thank you.

Not you, Eugene. You’re awesome.

Again, the familyness in here is pretty sweet.

Ahhh, the twang of this all.

Shoot. Grab a ski mask, why don’t they.

Yet. They haven’t. Yet.

Oh. man. The dramatic point.

*groans* SHUT UP.

Dude this is how so many of my chapters in my book start- dreadful.

Uh, no. No. No. No. No. NO.

*grabs baseball bat* Look, dude, I know how to swing one too- you better watch your dumb back.

You’re not who you once were my friend.


Come on you guyssss, get a grip.

I’m…. I need to process this. I just had a headcanon become canon. This is huge.

Do you people even know how to keep a case a case? Just saying.

Eugene is a cinnamon roll.


Okay. Uh. After the shock of the first episode left, I’m actually in sane thought processes- that’s nice. Um.

I liked this episode. As a listener, it’s great. As a writer, it’s interesting. As an amateur actor enthusiast, I can spot things to develop. As an avid fanperson, I’m trying not to go crazy. And I’m actually managing to not go crazy.

While I’m open to any theories you have, PLEASE keep the spoilers on the downlow- I did a terrible job, but I tried kay so for people who don’t like spoilers, respect their wishes. However, buckle up your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a weird ride. Part 3 is coming this week.

-The Ranter, Jo 0_0