Album 65- What We Know+ My Theory

Hello, Odyssey Fans!!! So today I'm gathering up info from all of our sources and summing up everything we know about Album 65: Expect The Unexpected!!!! So far, we know that the title, Expect The Unexpected, is a working title. We have the titles for four episodes: The Good In People, The Toy, The Shame... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk Tuesday- Barclay family vs. the Parker family-

Hello, Odyssey fans! Gracie here! It is time for the second Let's Talk Tuesday post! If you missed the first one, please check it out!! 🙂 Today on Let's Talk Tuesday...I am going to compare the Barclay family and the Parker family!  Barclay Family  ---------------------------------------------------   JIMMY “You want to hear bathwater? Ha, I'll let... Continue Reading →

Interview Time!!

Howdy folks!! First off...It is National Banana Cream Pie Day!! *looks and sees Wooton with his face in pies* It is time for our first...(I guess second, actually) post on Welcome to Odyssey!! I am so excited!! It is time for an AIO interview! Hope and I will be asking each other questions so Y'all... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins!!

Howdy! I am Gracie. You might know me from Through the Eyes of Gracie, my main blog. I have been an AIO fan for about 4-5years. I had never really thought about starting an AIO blog until about a month ago! I am super excited to start this AIO blogging journey, it will be hard at... Continue Reading →

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