The Start of the Welcome to Odyssey Podcast?!

Heyyy!! Today I have a super awesome post for y’all! In celebration of us hitting 100 followers and our 1-year anniversary I had the privilege to interview an AIO actor!!

I am not going to tell you who…you have to listen to the podcast to find out. 😛

Insta: @robdabruce


Wasn’t Robby so nice and awesome?! What did you think of this podcast interview?? Do you have a favorite part? 😀 

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Spread the Word! — The AIO Insider (aka the recap you guys deserved and I never got around to, plus one GREAT blog)

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me right now lol


This blog has been going on for around two months, and it only has 6 followers counting myself. You could help this blog by telling people about it. Peace out ✌

via Spread the Word! — The AIO Insider

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Okay okay okay. 

Sooo this blog has been mostly inactive. 

Or correction, I’ve been mostly inactive. My bad.  If you’re still in the mood to kill me just know that finals and I have not been able to see eye to eye, job-hunting has been unfruitful, and I’m surprisingly bad at getting my life together. Who knew?

Why did I say all of that, I don’t know. But I do want to tell you that I’m 1. not dead, if anyone cared, and 2. still very much active in the AIO fandom. Well, in it, not active. Which is sad because I had a ton of plans and stuff for fanfiction and series and rants and reviews but it just ain’t happening for now. Sorry you guys. It will in the very near future though! Just.. not… now.. so, uh, yeah. 

Just thought I’d put that out there. 


However, do look out for an upcoming Candid Conversations With WtO cause that actually has something pretty cool. 😉 But trust us to give it on time, so in the meanwhile go check out the Riley’s blog, The Corner Booth, and The Raspberry Ripple podcast (I think?) 

I promise, once the new album comes out this’ll be busier than Whit’s End. Assuming I have somewhat life-d properly. Anyway. Shoo. Go forth and listen to AIO!

Also talk to me about the new episodes with Connie and Jason and Jillian. I WANNA KNOW WHATCHA THINK. 😀 

The Ranter,


yes new signoff. I’m sorry. Not. 
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The Long End by Riley

Hey y’all! As you can see, I’m not your usual poster. Gracie let me make a guest post about The Long End. So if you want to hear me jabber talk about these episodes, then I welcome you to enter the realm of Riley!

Part one

A mysterious package arrives at the Meltsner home containing clues about Buck’s checkered family past, while a hope chest at Jason’s antique shop may be the target of an old nemesis.

OK, let’s start at the very beginning. The theme song. Nice. OK, next up… AAAAAAAA!!! The music at the start is so calm! Well, I guess there’s nothing exciting happening yet. Anywho, when the package was delivered to the Meltsners, did Eugene say the UPX delivery truck? Well, I guess they can’t say UPS because the name’s trademarked.

This is the first appearance of Two-Bits Luker! I wonder how he met Skint? He sure is very aggressive. When he goes in Triple Jay Antiques, Jason stays so calm! How does he do that? Oh, and Monty is back. Where has he been? I mean, a lot has happened since the Green Ring Conspiracy, so why hasn’t he appeared? Well, he said he’s been after Skint ever since the Green Ring Conspiracy, so maybe we haven’t seen him because he was only after him.

OK, back to the Meltsners. After Eugene said that the painting might be Buck’s inheritance, exiting cliffhanger music came on, but the painting wasn’t Buck’s inheritance. He cliffhanger was there to excite the listener, even though what Eugene said wasn’t true. When they went to the art gallery, Penny says, “I can also read a doctors prescription at three paces.” That seems unnecessary. All in all, this episode is OK. Stay tuned after these messages to read about part two!

♪♫“Fa la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.”♪♫

“Thank you! Thank you!”


“And now back to your scheduled program.”

Part two

As Buck and the Meltsners continue to unravel the questions surrounding Buck’s backstory, his old mentor returns with the promise of answers – for a price.

All right! *Ack* my throat. Time for a nice glass of water. “Ahhhh…”

wonder if Monty will actually see Whit after they catch Skint? He said he would. Jason’s awesome when he tries to avoid talking to Buck and Jules. When Detective Polehaus goes to see Eugene, he says “rust never sleeps.” That’s the second time in this three-parter that someone says that. It’s not really importantMaybe it’s a time filler. If I were Buck and I saw Skint again, I’d probably run. When Buck says “I understand you perfectly”, the noise that comes after sounds cartoon-like. If the noise wasn’t him turning away, then what was it? The door closing?

Part three.

The conclusion of Buck and Mr. Skint’s sordid tangle of cons finally leads Buck to learn the truth about his family, both past and present.


When Buck was in the car, why would he want to call Polehaus? Mr. Skint says “A thousand miles in the other direction”. That could give us a hint on where Odyssey is. When Skint asked Buck if he trusts him, what did he say? The music played before he said it, if he said anything. Buck made a smart plan to capture Skint, but I thought he didn’t want to con anyone anymore. The first time I listened to the end, I was confused. But now I understand it better.

*We interrupt this program to give a special announcement. Riley just made the first Mars landing ever. And to celebrate, we now watch him swim through a pit of sharks*

Owch! Aaaa!!! Mepe. Augh!!! Whew. I made it to the other side!”

*And now back to the program.*

Whew! Well, that wraps up my review of The Long End! The rating I give it is a 4/5. How did Y’all like it? Thank you, Gracie, for letting me write this review! I hope you all enjoyed it.


To the long end!”



The Long End by Riley

Another Poll..yah sorry

Happy Friday frens! I have another poll for yall. Yes, I love polls and feedback. Sorry. 😀 By the way, if you are on the email list you may have already seen or taken the poll.

Now that the Candid Conversations with WtO podcast is official, I have a quick poll for yall so we can make this an epic podcast!!





Introducing the new podcast…


Hey Hey Hey!!

Welcome to Odyssey has an official podcast now!! It is called….


Candid Conversations with WtO



We have done two so far. The interview with Robby Bruce, and one with Jo and I talking about our plans! Be sure to check them out and let us know your thoughts!! Feedback is greatly appreciated. 😀 

It is available on 7 platforms including:

Thanks for the support! 🙂 

Guest Post by Lee

Hello, fangirls on Gracie’s blog! Hi also to Luke and Naomi! This is Lee Acim from AIO Audio News, writing a post that Gracie said I could write a while back. (Don’t worry. I’m not revealing any “new” episodes here.) In this post, I’m going to explain an inside joke between Arista and me for the last year or so: What happened to Richard Maxwell?
(Cue the “Super Carlin Brothers” theme music!)

Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Blackgaard Chronicles III: Cross-Check.(AndSpoilerWarningInCaseAnyOfMyPredictionsEndUpBeingTrueAndTheyRuinYourLife!)

At the end of Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn, in episode #333: “The Last Resort,” Richard is recovering in the hospital, his last words apologizing to and forgiving Tom Riley. He is never heard from again (except “I Slap Floor,” which I’m still trying to prove was a true story). In a fanfiction I wrote a while back, I claimed that after that episode, Richard needed to be transported to another hospital. On the way, the ambulance was in a head-on collision with another vehicle, taking the lives of everyone in the accident, including Richard’s father, who had come to Odyssey when he heard of his son’s condition. All perished except Richard, whose face was heavily marred and his mental capacity lessened. He resisted his medication and IV fluids, responding positively only to an older gentleman who visited often, taking the young man to social events after he had convalesced.

So where did I get all this information about Richard? It’s the best reconciliation I can find between his story… and Lester’s. The date of the accident was March 18, 1999. Richard’s father was in the car with him. The other car was a limousine, and a very famous actor was killed in the crash. “3/18/99” became as well-known a date as “9/11.” The older man, Ernie McAlister, had only to say the date for the people at his social events to know who Richard was.

Here’s a question that always bugged me about “No Way Out”: why does Lester keep saying “3/18/99” if he knows it’s the combination to the safe? Answer: he doesn’t. Ernie McAlister always followed “3/18/99” with “I can’t tell you,” because it would traumatize Richard to know his history. He could have no hint at all that he was in the accident. The accident damaged his memory enough to wipe the accident from it. If he remembered it in any way, the trauma would be too much for Richard’s demented mind to handle. So, since Richard’s face was disfigured (along with his voice), no one would recognize him. His name had to be changed as well, because if and when he came into contact with anyone he previously knew, they could not have been able to remind him of his past. So Richard simply equated “3/18/99” with a secret, and Ernie, knowing that the phrase was so well-known to Richard, made it the combination to his safe, allowing Richard to be the only one able to open it.

But Richard’s story doesn’t end with “No Way In.” He reappears with an invisible dog named Ralph in “The Invisible Dog.” Ralph is determined by Whit to be a way for Richard to cope with some “inner fear.” Near the climax of the episode, Richard “lets Ralph go,” symbolically detaching himself from that fear. When Ralph “dies,” Richard can overcome it because of his friend Trent.

But what “happened” to Ralph? I submit to you that Ralph is Richard Maxwell’s father.

(Luke.exe has stopped working.)

Lester says, “I was crossing the street with Ralph, and this car came…” but wouldn’t that mean both Ralph and Lester were hit? They were, in the accident. Richard had finally remembered the accident, but was able to cope with the support of two figures from his past, John Whittaker and Connie Kendall.

“But wait a moment!” you’re yelling at me. “I just read Cross-Check, and Richard’s back story isn’t the same as Lester’s! Both of Richard’s parents are still alive, and his father’s name is Mickey, not Ralph!” Well, here’s my answer: Phil Lollar. Phil Lollar was MIA in Odyssey from 2000 to 2014. “No Way Out” was created in 2004. Phil Lollar has admitted that he’s a little behind on Odyssey; he hasn’t even heard all of Novacom. His characterization of Wooton in “The Toy” gave a very different spin to the character than had been developed before (see my rebuttal to Hannah Morgan in AIOWiki Podcast #20 🙂
). “No Way Out” was written and directed by John Fornof, with sound design by— er, who no longer works with Adventures in Odyssey. Lester’s back story is unknown to Phil Lollar, which is why Richard’s father is not named Ralph in Cross-Check, and also why his mother is still alive.
“But Lee!” you’re probably still yelling at me. “What about these other etc., etc. plotholes you’vemissed? Richard can’t really be Lester! John Fornof couldn’t have really planned that!”

Ah, but that’s where you’d be wrong, heh heh! That’s where you’d be wrong. (Gigantic bonus points to anyone who can tell me what episode that’s from!) I leave you with two quotes.

John Whittaker: Oh… Oh, my head. Feels like someone shoved a bowling ball in my ear!
Ohhh… Where am I? Huh— No, it can’t be!
Richard Maxwell: Hiya, Mr. Whittaker!

— #156: “Waylaid in the Windy City, Part 2”

John Whittaker: Oh, my head. Where… where am I? Oh— Oh! Oh, my leg! Ah—!
Lester: Your leg is broke.

— #546: “No Way Out”

But hey, that’s just a theory! AN ODYSSEY THEORY!! Thanks for reading, fangirls, and guys! 🙂
— Lee Acim


Guest Post by Lee

Album 67 Episode Titles and Summaries…For Real

Heyyyyyyy Y’alllll! So after the lil’ drama I was *inspired* to go digging and find the real tea. So with a little help from my favorite friend, Nathan Hoobler, I got all the Episode Titles and summaries! So some peeps don’t like spoilers cause they are pure! So in order to protect them, if you want to see the scoop you can click on the “Read More” tag to get all the juicy info!!

Continue reading “Album 67 Episode Titles and Summaries…For Real”

Correction On AIO Album 67 News

Hey Y’all! Want to learn a lil’ lesson on not trusting people? Well, turns out all the names and episode summaries posted by Lee were false. All apart of an “April Fools” joke. Not gonna lie, a lil’ salty at him.

874:Nightmares By Constance part 1
875:Nightmares By Constance part 2
876:Fourth Down
877:A Sacrificial Escape
878:The War Abroad, The War At Home

So now the only one we know of is Nightmares by Constance in which we see Jillian become an investigator. The small summary is here at the AIO Podcast. Yes, that is my trusted source.

Like dude, April Fools jokes are fun. I watch the news that day for something to amuse me. But the thing is it’s a joke. This joke lasted till April 15th. Half way into April. The day was long gone so I went on assuming it was true. Am I salty? Yes. Am I mad? No. But I am always salty so…sue me. (Please don’t sue me. I am broke.)

So now here is our list of trusted news sources:

  1. AIO Writer
  2. AIO Actor
  3. Santa Clause
  4. Clara Oswald

Anywho, keep on the lookout for some more news soon. I feel bad to have inadvertently deceived you guys. So I mean that’s it. I will keep the other post up though just cause history. Love y’all! Don’t listen to gossip and never trust strangers named Adelaide, or Rupert.

*Teleports away with Bill and Ted*


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