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We know what you’re thinking: yet another post, why?

Bwahahahah, this is different. After months of painful torture-like waiting, the interview we’ve all been waiting for is finally out!

Check it out. Or else.

-The Ranter, Jo 🧐


Episode reviews with Hannah! |”The Good in People.”

Episode reviews with Hannah! _The Good in People._

Hi everyone. So yes, I’m a week behind. A Not What I Expected review is comin’ out real soon, don’t worry. But right now you’re stuck with The Good in People.

Alright. This one’s a little weird to follow, so let me break down the plot real quick. Basically, Olivia is elected of her school’s drama club as the result of a promise she made about going to theatre con or something. So, she and Suzu are at Whit’s End when all of this is explained. He responds in typical Whit fashion like, “yeah okay maybe you shouldn’t have done that.” Sixteen-year-old Olivia who’s still in Middle School, admits it was a dumb decision, but she doesn’t regret cuz um, she “wanted to”? Morrie walks up and scares everyone by not being loud enough for them to hear him coming. (GET IT EVERYONE: CUZ HE’S ACTUALLY A BAD GUY!) I guess he’s just there to tell Suzu it’s time to come home and emphasize how difficult it will be to raise $500 in two weeks. Which is silly. I mean, Olivia’s old enough to work. Get a job, get paid minimum wage and work for two weeks. You’d have about $500. Or you could have each kid contribute $50. That’s not really that much money. But I’m getting off track. Suzu and Morrie leave, Morrie chuckles randomly, claims it’s innocent, Suzu doesn’t buy it, and then Olivia adopts a milkshake. Next thing ya know, she’s brushing her teeth when a strange man calls her, asking if he could give her money to go on the trip if she and her friends make half the money. So $250. They’ve got a cute lil’ montage of the kids asking for money, working for money, etc. And by the end of it, huzzah! They’ve got $250! So they text the guy and he doesn’t answer. She calls him a lot and he doesn’t answer. 
Deciding it must be Mr. Whittaker, she goes to him, asking for the money, only to find out that he wasn’t the person, and the only money he has for her was the money from the donation jar. ☹ Olivia has a little mental breakdown, she talks to Morrie, who’s like, “Boy that sucks. Let’s tell everyone.” Olivia says the shouldn’t because they’re going to the thing after all. Woo. Later, Suzu and Zoe barge into Olivia’s room and ask if she used this other money that was supposed to be used for a church thing. This scene drags on for a while, and eventually Olivia’s like,
“No! It wasn’t me! Here’s the money! I took it out of….my college fund!” (Too bad she’ll never get to use that money. I think she might be permanently trapped in middle school) So the girlies makeup and everything good. BUT the episode can’t end without a meaningless, unconnected creepy night time in the hallway Morrie and Suzu scene can it?! OF COURSE NOT! It’s pretty much like the rest,
“Morrie? How did you know this thing that you weren’t supposed to?”
“Yup. It was me BUT *deceptively phrased question to get Suzu and the audience to think*”
Suzu gives the dreaded answer that no one wants to admit.
“Goodnight sis.”
“Goodnight Morrie.”
I’m starting to think Suzu’s the villain here.

Alright. I’ll start off by saying that this is an episode that I do not like listening to. It’s sort of slow. It has Olivia being weird in it. I like Morrie, but he doesn’t do anything special in this episode. Suzu’s cool too, but again, she barely talks. We have so many episodes centered around Olivia making a bad decision and her having to fix it. This episode doesn’t have anything in it that really means anything. We don’t learn anything about the characters, there’s no character development, nothing of significance actually happens, and at this point, it just feels like they’re making it up as they go. I really hope they’re not. But it feels like they are.
So since my next episode review is also on Olivia, I’d like to focus on Morrie in this one. Because I really like theorizing about him.

Here’s what we know about Morrie:
– His name is Morrie Rydell
– He’s in middle school, so 11-14 years old
– He’s run several successful international school elections
– He has a sister named Suzu, who was adopted from Japan, somewhat recently seeing as she still has her accent, and I think Matthew called her new in that locker mystery episode.
– He lies and sets up situations for people to see what they will do
– We don’t know who his parents are
– He probably has a pet boa constrictor named Edison

Not a ton to go off of. But that might be good because it makes theorizing more fun.
Here is a master list of everything Morrie could be really up to, and who he’s connected with. Buckle your seatbelts Odyssians, it’s gonna be bumpy.

– THEORY 1: After Buck left Mr. Skint, he was lonely and looked to replace him. Morrie came out of the pool of foster kid geniuses that Nicholas Adamsworth and Eugene Meltsner belong to. He was taken in by Skint soon after Buck left. Having similar goals in life, Morrie has much respect for Skint, and he eventually adopts another kid from- Japan. He’s now using them to get information about the kids of Odyssey to accomplish some big master plan. *cough*
PROBLEMS WITH THIS THEORY: Well- there are a lot. Mainly the fact that adopting from another country is super difficult, and impossible if you’re a criminal on the run from the law. Also, I can’t imagine what master plan Skint could actually be cooking up.
– THEORY 2: After Richard got out of Odyssey General hospital, he went back to Chicago, only to find out that there was an ex-lover/girlfriend with a child – that was his. Feeling responsible to look after this young chap, Richard marries said ex-lover and raises this child in Chicago. (In case you’re not following, the child is Morrie.) The Maxwells have another baby, but it dies less than a year after it’s born. The whole family is devastated, but no more than Morrie, who’d always wanted a sibling. He was about eight at the time. To escape the negative memories and help themselves grieve, the Maxwells travel for a while, turning their vacation into somewhat of a mission trip. While abroad, they decide to adopt from Japan. They adopt Suzu and decide to return to the states, but not Chicago. Richard remembers Odyssey and decides it’d be a good place to settle down. The family moves back to Odyssey, ready to start a new life.

But Morrie has other plans. Morrie grew up well taken care of. His parents were Christians and rather wealthy, but he wanted more. He was as brilliant as his father, holding the same love for computers, but he had another level of interest that Richard doesn’t- the interest in the human mind. He loved to know what makes people tick and conducted harmless experiments accordingly- mostly during the time right after his sibling died. Now that he has a sibling, he really loves her and makes sure she knows it. He also takes it upon himself to look out for her- as if she too will be taken away from him. But he needs to take his experiments further. While away from the states, his curiosity was peaked. His small, harmless experiments were conducted through his oversees elections, and he was ready for more. Now in Odyssey, who can tell what his master plan is. But he’s testing people. Whether the kids of Odyssey Middle School are who he’s after, or mere guinea pigs for something bigger, his intentions are evil and must be stopped. Also, his mom is probably someone special like Katrina Meltsner’s cousin or something.
PROBLEMS WITH THIS THEORY: Well, Richard’s last name is Maxwell, not Rydell. Also, I think we’d know if Richard was back in Odyssey and comfortable with being there. Other than that, I think this one’s pretty good. I don’t know. Discuss below!

– THEORY 3: Richard has actually recruited Morrie after finding out about him- somehow. And he’s also turned bad, and basically, there’s some big ol’ plot they’ve scheme they’ve got going where they’re trying to take over the world or something.
PROBLEMS WITH THIS THEORY: It’s a generally nonspecific one, so there aren’t really a ton of issues with it. I guess Suzu mentions something about doing what’s right for their family in- I believe it was their first episode- idk that locker one! You know what I’m talking about. So that doesn’t automatically fit into it. Maybe it could be tweaked to though.

So there you have it! Some food for thought on Morrie. Like I said before, I wasn’t really crazy about this episode in general. It felt pretty useless, so I’m not a huge fan of that. Little character development or further information. But it was well acted and written- aside from the montages- ew.

Our Girl Jules, And Why She’s A Fast Favorite

Don’t worry you guys, it won’t always be post-hiatus charries all the time. Like I may do Alex Jefferson. 😀 (Also people, The Ties That Bind have been extremely useful for my plot research AND MORE RANTS TO COME YEET OKAY I’M DONE)

Heya! So at the time of writing the rant on Buck I was listening to a scene with Jules and Whit, and something hit me.

Jules is a lot more than some teen girl from California.

Jules Kendall.jpg
Even though she sure looks like it.

I’ve heard some people don’t like Jules because… well.. frankly I’m not sure. I didn’t check those out. But I do feel a tad sorry for them. Jules is a character. A very well written character.

As we all know, she’s the first case where the character was made for the actor, thanks to the Get In The Show contest, which introduced us all to Shona Rodman- then Kennedy.

See the source imageJules popped up in Life Expectancy, June’s funeral which you already know.

Jules Kendall: Dad, I thought you said this wouldn’t be awkward! You know how I hate awkward.
#735: “Life Expectancy, Part 2”

You also already have heard her atheist, survival mentality- and her asking Connie if they’d like to keep in touch. Also she kinda made Connie go into deep contemplation over suffering, remember? It’s interesting to see how one character can influence another. Like in real life, but much more fun. And we all know at the time that the writers weren’t planning on bringing her back, but kept it open if they changed their minds.

I like to think the fandom changed their minds, but I can’t be sure. Whatever- she came back!

In THIS album- which be warned will be the topic of a rant! (Also I like to think Buck’s pulling on the other side of the rope)

And we got to learn a whole lot more about Jules, when she *cough cough* was part of a business deal with Vance, and *cough cough* did some things that I won’t say in case any newbie nerds are here. But there was so much more to her in the eight episodes she was a part of.

Whit:” No girl your age should be so jaded and cynical.”
Jules:” I’ve been trained by the best.

I noticed something Jules did throughout the whole time she was there. I saw her intentionally distance herself from people: Connie, Whit, Buck, because she doesn’t want to get attached, something Vance accuses her of being anyway. Was it for the ones she distanced herself from, or was it for herself? It’s like she’s protecting herself against being hurt. Like it’s happened before. I mean, why else would she have to go to a therapist? But somehow- Jules does want that.  Odyssey is changing her mind. Slightly. I’d like to talk to her mom. Humph. And pummel Vance. I mean he used her and he’s not even sorry. But he was the first to call Jules out on whatever was the thing with Buck… so…. was he right, I won’t know.

The first time Jules came to Odyssey, it was her dad who brought her. The second time, it was to pull off that stunt with Vance. But the third time, she came because she wanted to. Even though she said she needed to get out of California, and has said how she doesn’t like Odyssey (and totally played the victim card and wasn’t very prudent in Friend Or Foe) she’s still there.

And that’s why she’s a favorite. I connected with her (and don’t ask me why, it could be cause of the teen girl thing which I doubt) because she’s sarcastic and cynical, but there might be some openness in her.

Did any of that make sense? I guess not. Oh well. I don’t make much sense.

-The Ranter, Jo 😀



November 6, 2018 {AIO Podcast}

November 6, 2018 {AIO Podcast}

VIDEO PODCAST: Writer Marshal Younger and his three-year-old daughter’s breakfast battle inspires a Parker family adventure (Plus: A story of how God is using Odyssey!) November 6th, 2018

Hey friends! Just thought I would share this podcast. I am sure many of you have already seen this but in case you haven’t, then here you go! 🙂


Oh my gosh. Marshal’s daughter was so cute!! 😍 She would not eat her food for over 4 hours!! 😁😲 What did you think of the first 7 mins of the podcast?

Wow. Stephine’s story is so awesome. My mom had read that story to me a while ago, and I had wanted to share it on here, but never did. Until now that is. 🙂  I just love how it shows AIO is not only for ages 8-12, but even grownups who have strayed from their Faith. 😇 What did you think of her story? 





Buck Oliver- The Guy, Mr. Skint, The Sandwich

I tried to base the title on “the man, the myth, the legend” catchphrase, but as you can see, it didn’t work too well. XD Yes, I’m talking about Buck Oliver- but not a possible ship with Jules so don’t kill me yet. I’m talking about his character. Buck Oliver has shown many different sides as a character in the past 7 years he’s been around. Or two years in Odyssey time.


Where on earth on I even start? Probably at the beginning, hehe…

Okay, so we know Buck didn’t come to Odyssey in the best of situations, i.e. The Green Ring, i.e. an amazing saga, i.e. WOW. But we all know he was a criminally smooth, nice guy con artist. Which is crazy, because when we first heard him, he was anything but. Which means he’s a good one. Like really. He sure conned me. Buck’s side here was very..small town country good guy.

Jay Smouse: Hey, where you going?
Buck Oliver: I have an errand to run.
Jay Smouse: Oh no you don’t! Stay right where you are or I’ll fire!!
Buck Oliver: That’s an ice cream scoop.
Jay Smouse: Yeah, it is. And I know how to use it!
John Whittaker: Oh, hello Buck.
Eugene Meltsner: Someone apprehend that youth!
Buck Oliver: Sorry Mr. Whittaker, things are a little crazy around here. Now I really need to go.
John Whittaker: I don’t think so.

#687: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9”

Then he got found out and arrested and sent to juvie. But he willingly let himself be sent to jail. For a brief few scenes though, I thought I heard the real him in his conversations with Katrina.

We next see Buck in one of the longest sagas: The Ties That Bind/ The Let’s Get Together Festival. But I saw a different Buck entirely. Which is crazy different from the last time I saw Buck. This Buck is a flirty suave dashing bad boy who has the attention of every girl. Which is pure ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh! Even though he says he’s, “trying for a new life and I don’t want anything to mess that up,” it looks like he’ll do anything to fit in. Which is kinda facepalm worthy as he tells Camilla he dreams about her, but also sad. The guy never had real friends. And I’ve heard it’s normal for teens to lie to fit in but I’d have no clue since I am an unsocialized, uncivilized homeschooled AIOnerd (TM). Heh. Connie summed it up perfectly, “some people think of him as a charming and handsome but misunderstood roguish character.” To which I’m gonna have to agree with Eugene and say, “but that makes no sense to me whatsoever!” Cause it don’t. Really Buck. Why?

To fit in. To belong.

I get that. I really do. And I appreciated Eugene’s indignation as he reminded Camilla Buck’s “adventures” landed him in jail. Like he wanted Buck to be accepted for who he really is, not for who he has to pretend to be.

Buck: It’s only that I like being liked. Especially after today. 

Don’t we all.

Which leads us to our last side of Buck, and hopefully the real him this time. His funny kind side. The side that makes sure his dog, video games, and sandwich survive a fire drill. Buck now has a family in Eugene and Katrina, friends with Jules (*narrows eyes slightly*), and a home in Odyssey. And I think we all can sympathize with Buck as he tries to belong. Cause thanks to Skint he never got to. Thanks to Skint he’ll always carry the con artist personality.

Buck Oliver: Play the predictable, but don’t forget the dog.
#778: “Playing the Predictable”

And I think this is the part where you can see how everybody else around him has changed. Most notably Eugene and Katrina. Seeing them make Buck their son as much as possible is huge character development for all three of them, and I can only say “well done AIO. well done.”  This side of Buck desperately wants to belong. And to find his family too. Which I hope we see in the next album.

Buck: You make me feel like.. like I belong. 

Will there be yet another side to Buck Oliver nobody’s ever seen? I don’t doubt it. Now Odyssey, if you make Skint do anything to Buck, say, while he’s eating a sandwich… you will most definitely rue the day.

-The Ranter, Jo 🎧

Welcoming the…WtO Monthly Email List!!

I just sent out the first email. But it still is not too late to subscribe! 🙂

Welcome to Odyssey!

Welcoming the...WtO Monthly Email List!!

Hey there nerds! How was your weekend?

I spent some of my time this weekend setting up an email list for my main blog, then decided to do one for WtO as well! 

Yes, WtO will now have monthly (or bimonthly) email updates, for those who subscribe!! 

Please only subscribe if you are truly interested in getting emails all about AIO and WtO! 🙂




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Why I Almost Lost It (And My Thoughts On Ties That Bind So Far)

close up photo of tied blue box

I should either be asleep or writing- but I’m not doing either. Instead, I am stunned to silence, and tears- yes, tears, at the second part of The Ties That Bind. It’s quickly claimed Personal Best Episode in my book. Why? (Other than the fact Jason’s in it and I like episodes with Jason)

It all started when Dave Arnold opened the show, which as everyone knows, means it’s serious business. It only got better from there. I mean, they put in a Comic-con, which is pretty neat, but even better, they gave the Comic-con an important part to play, what with Jules and Hadley and Hugo Wells.

Also that scene with Vance and Jules. Man, the suspense in that is so thick. It just reaffirmed my dislike for Vance King.

The Ties That Bind (so far, I haven’t heard the whole thing) seem to be following different storylines that somehow bind with the Let’s Get Together Festival: Connie’s trunk and key, Jason and the guy with the ghost town, Jules and Vance’s profitable plot, Wooton and his dislike of Hadley, Eugene and Katrina considering fostering Buck, it’s all connected in some way I can’t figure out to Let’s Get Together, which itself is pretty mysterious.

And with Let’s Get Together itself, we have a whole new topic of discussion.

AIO has done hard topics before, like the occcult, romance, angels, war, even abortion. And Let’s Get Together seems to be how they’ll introduce another topic: family and marriage. And I haven’t heard all to judge fairly. But I think it’s clear that Whit is the person who is firm on his beliefs and his refusal, while the other shopkeepers seem to agree with Miss Adelaide. And she doesn’t exactly like Whit very much.  Wonder what she woulda though of Whit’s illustration with the fountain pen, which I thought was genius.

But still, the topic of family and marriage is probably going to be a bigger issue in the later episodes (and I want to know how they can add all the other storylines in without messing things up). Yet, the folks in Odyssey aren’t shown as having perfect families. Jules ran away, and Connie’s stuck with her, Hadley is a clumsy doofus that later brought a lotta trouble to one poor Wooton, and so on and so forth. Nobody’s perfect in Odyssey (except maybe Whit) and I appreciate that.

That’s not why I loved it, though.

That’s not why I was standing in shock five minutes after Chris closed the show.

It’s Eugene and Katrina’s hope for redemption. For Buck.

It was ice cream and pie sweet to see Katrina trying to think like Eugene and vice versa, but when Eugene said redemption I was undone. They think Buck’s worthy of redemption. They think he’s worth something.

I like to think that’s Odyssey’s way of tellling us kids who’re not feeling worth anything that they are. That they can be redeemed. That Somebody thinks they have worth.

I also like to think that when Eugene was talking about redemption, he wasn’t just saying it from Katrina’s POV, but from his own as well.

Either way, I am undone, and all I can say is AIO has done it again. They touched mine- and hopefully a bunch of other people so I’m not alone- heart.

-The Ranter, Jo 🎧

Is AIO “Too Preachy”?

grayscale photo of vintage radio beside stove with cooking pot

Did I just open a can of worms and invite a mob to storm in? Okay, I probably did. 😬 I did say I’d ramble on a lot of things right.. so..

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday and almost the last day of October! For this Let’s Talk Tuesday I’m gonna be that annoying second cousin of yours twice removed who has opinions on every single thing under the proverbial sun. Only AIO things. Heh.

So my poor victim of discussion now is… Is AIO too “preachy”? (Dude, I just said that stop repeating yourself) Well, is it?

There’s a bunch of articles and things floating around on the web saying Odyssey is no more than a veneer for Focus On The Family to stuff gospel truths down kids’ minds like foie gras, that it has sacrificed quality entertainment over a Sunday school lesson.

To that, I say, “you’re right! And you’re so wrong.”

I mean, the reason why AIO was created, lemme remind everyone even though they already know, was because Focus wanted to present gospel truths to kids, right? The creators saw a need for kids to have wholesome entertainment, and I guess they figured, “since everyone’s into TV, let’s do the exact opposite and made a radio show!” So it’s really was their purpose all along, to counter the not so good stuff of that time with AIO.

But under no circumstances is it a veneer. What rock you hiding under???

It’s way more than a daily Sunday school lesson, or shall I compare it to a tract that has the moral at the end of the pamphlet (or in our case Chris). No! Absolutely not! And whoever you are that’s hating on Chris Y’all just stop! She’s amazing!

Of course, I may be biased, but as someone who groaned at all the Christian substitutes supposed to be good, this was so different. You wanna know why?

Cause Odyssey hasn’t sacrificed story. Odyssey hasn’t sacrificed character. Instead, they make Whit and Connie and Eugene and Wooton and I’d be a moron not to include Jason so real, they become your friends. They’re not puppets meant to spout out wisdom (Whit spouts out wisdom but he’s no puppet), they’re people who live life normally. They don’t emerge unscathed from terrible situations, there is no happy ever after, there are huge problems and sometimes there’s no hope. And it’s through that, you see how their faith works (or doesn’t work).

I’m not saying Odyssey has captured that perfectly. There are some episodes where it falls short on that aspect. First Love, *screams* The Sandwich Initiative, but overall, the entire thing? Nah. There’s way too many sagas and arcs that really take your attention for that to happen. And maybe the first few albums were “preachy” but come on, that was 30 years ago!

I’m looking forward to whatever’s coming next, and I hope they’ll always have that same quality and that same real, amazing story.

Too long, didn’t read? I basically said AIO isn’t preachy and anyone who wants to fight me is welcome to it.

-The Ranter, Jo ⚔️

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com



Episode reviews with Hannah!| “The Sandwich Initiative and The Toy!”

Episode reviews with Hannah! __The Sandwich Initiative and The Toy!_


Hello everyone! Welcome to your 11:45 PM review of The Sandwich Initiative and The Toy! I am not drunk… but I believe I have at the moment the same mental compacity as someone under the influence of alcohol. So, with that in mind, give me grace, it’s gonna be bumpy.

Let’s start with this sandwich episode. So there’s like Olivia and Matthew and Camilla, except Camilla’s on her third voice actor and Matthew’s on his like sixth or something. Then David Parker also plays this huge role that’s supposed to be funny, but in the end, you’re just left wondering if he’s still mentally stable. He also has a new VA and consequently sounds exactly like Townsend Coleman/Jason Whittaker. So that’s- terrible. Honestly, I loved David’s old VA so much and I think I cried when I heard his new one. It’s just so different and weird. (Deep sigh)
So by now Y’all probably know- I hate the Parkers. I think they’ve been around for too long, they never have any character development, and they’ve become so cringy it hurts. But to be fair, for a Parker episode, this one really wasn’t bad. I always love an episode that is unexpected and makes me think. And really, this one did both. I appreciated that.
Like I said, I don’t like the characters, so I wasn’t fangirling, but the acting was fine, the storyline was rather decent, and I loved the new annoying neighbor friend character. He was particularly relatable. Come on, we all grew up with that one kid on our street who for some reason won’t leave you/your siblings alone and I get it. It’s annoying. Realistic characters always make me happy.
Honestly, that might be it. It was an average episode. I wasn’t tripping over myself in excitement or anything, but it was a good episode. Guys, I’m so tired I don’t even know what anything I’m reviewing is anymore. Oh yeah, sandwiches. Those were gross. It sounded like Jason kissed Eva at one point and I wanted to burn my ears. Let’s see… ratings
Gosh Idk let’s give it 6.3 mold spores out of 10.

Next, we have The Toy. I’m still insanely tired, but I wrote that last one in ten minutes so I can do that with this one too right? Don’t answer that question. This was a wonderful episode. So sweet and innocent. I DID cry when Ed came back. I hadn’t realized how much I missed him until I heard his voice again. Odyssey, please keep him on the show! And bring his kids in with him!
HAHAHA, Welcome back friends. It is now 7:13 in the morning, and well- I’m still tired. But hopefully slightly more alert. *Cough*
I know it’s cliché, but I quite like when hard characters become soft for a bit. Detective Polehause always reminds me of Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, who also has a lot of good softy moments. The moral of this episode was fantastic. I mean- everyone kinda walked away going, “Oh…” It’s super well done because you think that the girl with autism- did she have autism? I kind of assumed… I don’t think it was Down Syndrome, though I’d love an actor with it to be on the show. Like- seriously give me a character with Down Syndrome. It would be great. Where was I? Oh yeah- so when Luella was working really hard you think the lesson’s gonna be- “Hey, take a break every now and then.” BUT NO! Everybody got owned. It was wonderful. Then there’s this other storyline with the Detective. That one was seriously impactful. My heart was just in pieces for a long time after listening to it. Wooton was great. I’d like to go on the record to say that for a very long time I’ve been trying to explain that Wooton isn’t stupid or anything, that he uses humor to stifle his angst and whatnot, and here it is folks:
“Hi, Wooton.”
“Oh hi Detective Polehause, that’s a cool siren!”
“Thanks. Yeah, I’d like to ask you a few questions.”
“Oh sure I’d like to ask you one too, ‘Where can I get a siren like that?’”
“I- I don’t know they come with the car.”
“Nice feature- hey can I see?”
“No actually I- I-“
“Wow, that’s a lot of switches you’ve got here, which one’s the siren?”
“The center one.”
“OOO can I try it?”
“Well, I was thinking of getting one for my mail truck, or even better for my scooter!”
“I don’t think that’s allowed.”
“Really? That’s too bad. Guess I’ll just have to make the sound with my voice. How’d it go like ‘woot woot-woot woot-woot’”
“Why are you acting like this?”
“Oh, no reason- except to puncture the tension of a detective asking me questions. Uh, humor helps people relax you know.”
“I don’t have time for games. Can I get to my questions now?”
“Oh, I guess so- fire away.”
I don’t know if anyone realizes how important that scene is. Someone actually stopped Wooton mid tangent and pointed out that he was acting differently. Wooton instantly recoiled and explained his tendencies calmly. As I have explained to far too many people:
Wooton is not unintelligent. He isn’t slow or your average comedic character. He loves people and hates to see something go wrong in a social situation. When he’s uncomfortable or nervous, he breaks the tension with humor, because he’s seen that it makes people laugh- or at the very least- makes him laugh. The situation can calm down. So often this character is mistaken for being stupid or childish when he’s really quite brilliant. Just a little quirky!
I could also go on for a long time about how Penny and Wooton work together because contrary to popular belief, they are very different, but Penny isn’t in this episode, so I won’t right now.
I don’t think I have anything else to point out. Again, I loved Ed. Connie and Whit’s scene at the end was wonderful. All the dialogue and acting in this episode was above average. That’s always very appreciated.

Let’s give this one 9 Eugene Bunny stuffed animals out of 10.






Hey dudes! So we got two more episode titles for album 66! Here they are!


“Much Ado about Jealousy”

“The Long End”


“B-TV: Trinity”

“Same Mold Story”

So we have two four episode titles so far. These are my predictions: “Much Ado about Jealousy” will be about Jules. Since we always have a Jules episode. Also, she was called “Jealous Jules” so that might connect? As per how she is jealous, I have no idea.

“The Long End” I think will be the Buck adventure with Mr. Skint. Long End sounds like it would fit. Ending the whole GRC saga. I have many theories, but that would take a whole post. 😉

So those are the new episode titles! Do you have any predictions or hopes? Let us know down in the comments! 🙂

Source: Nathan Hoobler