More on album 66!!

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Questions and answers from Nathan Hoobler!

  1. Can you give us the names of any of the episodes?

There’s an episode titled “B-TV: Trinity” and one titled “Same Mold Story.”

  1. Can you give us a brief summary of any of the episodes?

Sure. “The Trinity. What is it? How does it work? And why is it important? In the latest edition of B-TV, Connie, Harlow Doyle, Captain Quidd, and Jacqueline Cusco dive (quite literally) into this important topic.” I’m assuming you can guess which episode that is for?

  1. Will there be any 2 or 3 parters?


  1. Will we see any of the old characters come back such as the Washington’s?


  1. Will this album contain a Buck adventure?


  1. Will this album end on a cliffhanger?

Not exactly…

Last one:

  1. Will Mr. Skint make an appearance in this album?

Well, I don’t want to answer that one. We’ve said that we expect Skint to make a return in a future album, but we don’t want to say when for fear of giving away the surprise.

{Source- Luke and Nathan}


Man, that is all so exciting!! Can’t wait!! 😀





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  1. “we don’t want to say when for fear of giving away the surprise.” SURPRISE?? SURPRISE??? They’re afraid of surprising us?? I’m going to die of suspense, not surprise, and I haven’t even heard all of Album 65 yet! YEET 2019 can’t come soon enough!

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